How to create a haar cascade?

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How to create a haar cascade?

Postby richardjalgarve » Sun Aug 26, 2012 8:59 pm

Hello, I liked to know how to create a haar cascade in a detailed and explanatory. I am looking to create a yet not found tools for windows. To better explain I say I'm trying to map an object to windows but can not create the haar cascade. would help ua detailed in Portuguese. I found the site below with an explanation of how to perform this procedure. The author of the article uses the imageclipper to crop models, but would like a better explanation. To guide you leave the link below so that if they need to get information about: ... r-aka.html

I would like if possible to make use of tools for windows.

At the moment I would follow the example of the link map and a pen only to start learning.


Richard J. Algarve

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