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GenerateHistograms Method (image, numberOfBins)
NamespacesEmgu.CV.UIHistogramCtrlGenerateHistograms(IImage, Int32)

Generate histograms for the image. One histogram is generated for each color channel. You will need to call the Refresh function to do the painting afterward.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public void GenerateHistograms(
	IImage image,
	int numberOfBins
Public Sub GenerateHistograms ( _
	image As IImage, _
	numberOfBins As Integer _
void GenerateHistograms(
	IImage^ image, 
	int numberOfBins
image (IImage)
The image to retrieve histogram from
numberOfBins (Int32)
The number of bins for each histogram

Assembly: Emgu.CV.UI (Module: Emgu.CV.UI) Version: (