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IEnumConvertor<(Of <(Tin, Tout>)>) Method (inputs, convertor)
NamespacesEmgu.UtilToolboxIEnumConvertor<(Of <(Tin, Tout>)>)(IEnumerable<(Of <(Tin>)>), Converter<(Of <(Tin, Tout>)>))

Convert on enumeration to another using the specific convertor
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public static IEnumerable<Tout> IEnumConvertor<Tin, Tout>(
	IEnumerable<Tin> inputs,
	Converter<Tin, Tout> convertor
Public Shared Function IEnumConvertor(Of Tin, Tout) ( _
	inputs As IEnumerable(Of Tin), _
	convertor As Converter(Of Tin, Tout) _
) As IEnumerable(Of Tout)
generic<typename Tin, typename Tout>
static IEnumerable<Tout>^ IEnumConvertor(
	IEnumerable<Tin>^ inputs, 
	Converter<Tin, Tout>^ convertor
Generic Template Parameters
The input enumerator type
The output enumerator type
inputs (IEnumerable<(Of <(Tin>)>))
the input enumerator
convertor (Converter<(Of <(Tin, Tout>)>))
the convertor that convert one enumeration to another
Return Value
An enumerator of Tout

Assembly: Emgu.Util (Module: Emgu.Util) Version: 1.1.3342.35620 (