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priors Field

The array of a priori class probabilities, sorted by the class label value. The parameter can be used to tune the decision tree preferences toward a certain class. For example, if users want to detect some rare anomaly occurrence, the training base will likely contain much more normal cases than anomalies, so a very good classification performance will be achieved just by considering every case as normal. To avoid this, the priors can be specified, where the anomaly probability is artificially increased (up to 0.5 or even greater), so the weight of the misclassified anomalies becomes much bigger, and the tree is adjusted properly.
Declaration Syntax
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public IntPtr priors
Public priors As IntPtr
IntPtr priors
A note about memory management: the field priors is a pointer to the array of floats. The array should be allocated by user, and released just after the CvDTreeParams structure is passed to CvDTreeTrainData or CvDTree constructors/methods (as the methods make a copy of the array).

Assembly: Emgu.CV.ML (Module: Emgu.CV.ML) Version: (