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MCvSURFParams Constructor (hessianThresh, extendedFlag)
NamespacesEmgu.CV.StructureMCvSURFParamsMCvSURFParams(Double, Boolean)

Create a MCvSURFParams using the specific values
Declaration Syntax
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public MCvSURFParams(
	double hessianThresh,
	bool extendedFlag
Public Sub New ( _
	hessianThresh As Double, _
	extendedFlag As Boolean _
	double hessianThresh, 
	bool extendedFlag
hessianThresh (Double)
Only features with keypoint.hessian larger than that are extracted. good default value is ~300-500 (can depend on the average local contrast and sharpness of the image). user can further filter out some features based on their hessian values and other characteristics
extendedFlag (Boolean)
false means basic descriptors (64 elements each), true means extended descriptors (128 elements each)

Assembly: Emgu.CV (Module: Emgu.CV) Version: (