Computer vision using GPU


Public classGpuBroxOpticalFlow
Brox optical flow
Public classGpuBruteForceMatcher<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
A Brute force matcher using GPU
Public classGpuCascadeClassifier
Cascade Classifier for object detection using GPU
Public classGpuDeviceInfo
The Gpu device information
Public classGpuDisparityBilateralFilter
Disparity map refinement using joint bilateral filtering given a single color image. Qingxiong Yang, Liang Wang†, Narendra Ahuja
Public classGpuFarnebackOpticalFlow
Farneback optical flow
Public classGpuFASTDetector
A FAST detector using GPU
Public classGpuGoodFeaturesToTrackDetector
Gpu implementation of GoodFeaturesToTrackDetector
Public classGpuHOGDescriptor
A HOG discriptor
Public classGpuImage<(Of <(<'TColor, TDepth>)>)>
An GpuImage is very similar to the Emgu.CV.Image except that it is being used for GPU processing
Public classGpuInvoke
This class wraps the functional calls to the opencv_gpu module
Public classGpuMat
A GpuMat, use the generic version if possible. The non generic version is good for use as buffer in stream calls.
Public classGpuMat<(Of <(<'TDepth>)>)>
Similar to CvArray but use GPU for processing
Public classGpuORBDetector
An ORB detector using GPU
Public classGpuPyrLKOpticalFlow
PyrLK optical flow
Public classGpuStereoBM
Use Block Matching algorithm to find stereo correspondence
Public classGpuStereoConstantSpaceBP
A Constant-Space Belief Propagation Algorithm for Stereo Matching. Qingxiong Yang, Liang Wang, Narendra Ahuja.
Public classGpuSURFDetector
A SURF detector using GPU
Public classStream
Encapculates Cuda Stream. Provides interface for async coping. Passed to each function that supports async kernel execution. Reference counting is enabled
Public classTargetArchs
Gives information about what GPU archs this OpenCV GPU module was compiled for


Public enumerationGpuDeviceInfo..::..GpuFeature
GPU feature
Public enumerationGpuStereoBM..::..PresetType
Preset type