Calculates the histogram of one or more single-channel images. The elements of a tuple that is used to increment a histogram bin are taken at the same location from the corresponding input images.

Namespace: Emgu.CV
Assembly: Emgu.CV (in Emgu.CV.dll) Version: (


public static void cvCalcArrHist(
	IntPtr[] image,
	IntPtr hist,
	int accumulate,
	IntPtr mask
Visual Basic
Public Shared Sub cvCalcArrHist ( _
	image As IntPtr(), _
	hist As IntPtr, _
	accumulate As Integer, _
	mask As IntPtr _
Visual C++
static void cvCalcArrHist(
	array<IntPtr>^ image, 
	IntPtr hist, 
	int accumulate, 
	IntPtr mask


Type: array<System..::..IntPtr>[]()[][]
Source images (though, you may pass CvMat** as well), all are of the same size and type
Type: System..::..IntPtr
Pointer to the histogram
Type: System..::..Int32
Accumulation flag. If it is set, the histogram is not cleared in the beginning. This feature allows user to compute a single histogram from several images, or to update the histogram online
Type: System..::..IntPtr
The operation mask, determines what pixels of the source images are counted

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