Contains classes for 2D feature detection, extraction and matching.


Public classBriefDescriptorExtractor
BRIEF Descriptor
Public classBruteForceMatcher<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Wrapped BruteForceMatcher
Public classFastDetector
FAST(Features from Accelerated Segment Test) keypoint detector. See Detects corners using FAST algorithm by E. Rosten (”Machine learning for high-speed corner detection”, 2006).
Public classFeatures2DExtensions
A collection of Extension methods for IKeyPointDetector
Public classFeatures2DToolbox
Tools for features 2D
Public classFeatures2DTracker<(Of <(<'TDescriptor>)>)>
This class use ImageFeature to match or track object
Public classGridAdaptedFeatureDetector
Adapts a detector to partition the source image into a grid and detect points in each cell.
Public classMSERDetector
Wrapped CvMSERParams structure
Public classORBDetector
Wrapped ORB detector
Public classPlanarObjectDetector
A Planar object detector
Public classRTreeClassifier<(Of <(<'TColor>)>)>
The Calonder classifier
Public classSelfSimDescriptor
Public classSIFTDetector
Wrapped SIFT detector
Public classStarDetector
Public classSURFDetector
Wrapped CvSURFParams structure
Public classSURFFeature
A SURF feature


Public structureFeatures2DTracker<(Of <(<'TDescriptor>)>)>..::..MatchedImageFeature
The matched Image feature
Public structureFeatures2DTracker<(Of <(<'TDescriptor>)>)>..::..SimilarFeature
A similar feature is a structure that contains a Image feature and its corresponding distance to the comparing Image feature
Public structureImageFeature<(Of <(<'TDescriptor>)>)>
An ImageFeature contains a keypoint and its descriptor
Public structureLDetector
V. Lepetit keypoint detector
Public structurePatchGenerator
OpenCV's PatchGenerator


Public interfaceIDescriptorExtractor<(Of <(<'TDescriptor>)>)>
An interface for a descriptor generator
Public interfaceIKeyPointDetector
An interface for keypoint detector


Public enumerationDistanceType
The match distance type
Public enumerationFeatures2DToolbox..::..KeypointDrawType
Define the Keypoint draw type
Public enumerationORBDetector..::..ScoreType
The score type