The MCvEMParams type exposes the following members.


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Public fieldcov_mat_type
The type of the mixture covariation matrices
Public fieldcovs
Initial mixture covariation matrices S_k; are used (if not NULL) only when start_step=CvEM::START_E_STEP.
Public fieldmeans
Initial mixture means a_k; are used (and must be not NULL) only when start_step=CvEM::START_E_STEP.
Public fieldnclusters
The number of mixtures
Public fieldprobs
Initial probabilities p_i,k; are used (and must be not NULL) only when start_step=CvEM::START_M_STEP
Public fieldstart_step
The initial step the algorithm starts from
Public fieldterm_crit
Termination criteria of the procedure. EM algorithm stops either after a certain number of iterations (term_crit.num_iter), or when the parameters change too little (no more than term_crit.epsilon) from iteration to iteration
Public fieldweights
Initial mixture weights pi_k; are used (if not NULL) only when start_step=CvEM::START_E_STEP

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