Computer vision using OpenCL


Public classOclBruteForceMatcher<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
A Brute force matcher using OpenCL
Public classOclCascadeClassifier
Cascade Classifier for object detection using OpenCL
Public classOclHOGDescriptor
A HOG descriptor
Public classOclImage<(Of <(<'TColor, TDepth>)>)>
An OclImage is very similar to the Emgu.CV.Image except that it is being used for OpenCL processing
Public classOclInfo
Public classOclInvoke
This class wraps the functional calls to the opencv_ocl module
Public classOclMat
A OclMat, use the generic version if possible.
Public classOclMat<(Of <(<'TDepth>)>)>
Similar to CvArray but use OpenCL for processing
Public classOclMatchTemplateBuf
Ocl match template buffer, used by the OpenCL version of MatchTemplate function.
Public classOclOpticalFlowDual_TVL1
Dual TV L1 Optical Flow Algorithm.
Public classOclPyrLKOpticalFlow
PyrLK optical flow
Public classOclStereoBM
Use Block Matching algorithm to find stereo correspondence
Public classOclStereoConstantSpaceBP
A Constant-Space Belief Propagation Algorithm for Stereo Matching. Qingxiong Yang, Liang Wang, Narendra Ahuja.
Public classOclSURFDetector
A SURF detector using OpenCL
Public classVectorOfOclInfo
Wraped class of the C++ standard vector of OclInfo.


Public enumerationOclDeviceType
Public enumerationOclStereoBM..::..PresetType
Preset type