Calculate an optical flow for a sparse feature set.

Namespace: Emgu.CV.GPU
Assembly: Emgu.CV.GPU (in Emgu.CV.GPU.dll) Version: (


public void Sparse(
	GpuImage<Gray, byte> frame0,
	GpuImage<Gray, byte> frame1,
	GpuMat<float> points0,
	out GpuMat<float> points1,
	out GpuMat<byte> status,
	out GpuMat<float> err
Visual Basic
Public Sub Sparse ( 
	frame0 As GpuImage(Of Gray, Byte),
	frame1 As GpuImage(Of Gray, Byte),
	points0 As GpuMat(Of Single),
	<OutAttribute> ByRef points1 As GpuMat(Of Single),
	<OutAttribute> ByRef status As GpuMat(Of Byte),
	<OutAttribute> ByRef err As GpuMat(Of Single)
Visual C++
void Sparse(
	GpuImage<Gray, unsigned char>^ frame0, 
	GpuImage<Gray, unsigned char>^ frame1, 
	GpuMat<float>^ points0, 
	[OutAttribute] GpuMat<float>^% points1, 
	[OutAttribute] GpuMat<unsigned char>^% status, 
	[OutAttribute] GpuMat<float>^% err
member Sparse : 
        frame0 : GpuImage<Gray, byte> * 
        frame1 : GpuImage<Gray, byte> * 
        points0 : GpuMat<float32> * 
        points1 : GpuMat<float32> byref * 
        status : GpuMat<byte> byref * 
        err : GpuMat<float32> byref -> unit 


Type: Emgu.CV.GPU..::..GpuImage<(Of <(<'Gray, Byte>)>)>
First 8-bit input image (supports both grayscale and color images).
Type: Emgu.CV.GPU..::..GpuImage<(Of <(<'Gray, Byte>)>)>
Second input image of the same size and the same type as frame0
Type: Emgu.CV.GPU..::..GpuMat<(Of <(<'Single>)>)>
Vector of 2D points for which the flow needs to be found. It must be one row matrix with 2 channels
Type: Emgu.CV.GPU..::..GpuMat<(Of <(<'Single>)>)>%
Output vector of 2D points (with single-precision two channel floating-point coordinates) containing the calculated new positions of input features in the second image.
Type: Emgu.CV.GPU..::..GpuMat<(Of <(<'Byte>)>)>%
Output status vector (CV_8UC1 type). Each element of the vector is set to 1 if the flow for the corresponding features has been found. Otherwise, it is set to 0.
Type: Emgu.CV.GPU..::..GpuMat<(Of <(<'Single>)>)>%
Output vector (CV_32FC1 type) that contains the difference between patches around the original and moved points or min eigen value if getMinEigenVals is checked. It can be null, if not needed.

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