The MCvDTreeNode type exposes the following members.


Public fieldalpha
Global pruning data
Public fieldbufIdx
Internal parameters
Public fieldclassIdx
The assigned to the node normalized class index (to 0..class_count-1 range), it is used internally in classification trees and tree ensembles.
Public fieldcomplexity
Global pruning data
Public fieldcvNodeError
Cross-validation pruning data
Public fieldcvNodeRisk
Cross-validation pruning data
Public fieldcvTn
Cross-validation pruning data
Public fielddepth
The node depth, the root node depth is 0, the child nodes depth is the parent's depth + 1.
Public fieldleft
Pointer to the left tree node
Public fieldmaxlr
Internal parameters
Public fieldnodeRisk
Global pruning data
Public fieldnumValid
Internal parameters
Public fieldoffset
Internal parameters
Public fieldparent
Pointer to the parent tree node
Public fieldright
Pointer to the right tree node
Public fieldsampleCount
The number of samples that fall into the node at the training stage. It is used to resolve the difficult cases - when the variable for the primary split is missing, and all the variables for other surrogate splits are missing too, the sample is directed to the left if left->sample_count>right->sample_count and to the right otherwise
Public fieldsplit
Pointer to CvDTreeSplit
Public fieldTn
The tree index in a ordered sequence of trees. The indices are used during and after the pruning procedure. The root node has the maximum value Tn of the whole tree, child nodes have Tn less than or equal to the parent's Tn, and the nodes with Tn<=CvDTree::pruned_tree_idx are not taken into consideration at the prediction stage (the corresponding branches are considered as cut-off), even if they have not been physically deleted from the tree at the pruning stage.
Public fieldtreeError
Global pruning data
Public fieldtreeRisk
Global pruning data
Public fieldvalue
The value assigned to the tree node. It is either a class label, or the estimated function value.

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