Background/Foreground segmentation and Blob tracking


Public classBackgroundSubtractor
An abstract class that can be use the perform background / forground detection.
Public classBackgroundSubtractorMOG
Gaussian Mixture-based Backbround/Foreground Segmentation Algorithm. The class implements the following algorithm: "An improved adaptive background mixture model for real-time tracking with shadow detection" P. KadewTraKuPong and R. Bowden, Proc. 2nd European Workshp on Advanced Video-Based Surveillance Systems, 2001."
Public classBackgroundSubtractorMOG2
The class implements the following algorithm: "Improved adaptive Gausian mixture model for background subtraction" Z.Zivkovic International Conference Pattern Recognition, UK, August, 2004.
Public classBGCodeBookModel<(Of <(<'TColor>)>)>
Background code book model
Public classBGStatModel<(Of <(<'TColor>)>)>
Background statistics model
Public classBlobDetector
A blob detector
Public classBlobSeq
A Blob Seq
Public classBlobSeqBase
An abstract class that server as a base class for Blob sequence
Public classBlobTracker
A Blob Tracker
Public classBlobTrackerAuto<(Of <(<'TColor>)>)>
A blob tracker auto
Public classBlobTrackerAutoParam<(Of <(<'TColor>)>)>
Parameters of blobtracker auto ver1
Public classBlobTrackPostProc
A blob tracking post process module
Public classFGDetector<(Of <(<'TColor>)>)>
A foreground detector


Public interfaceIBGFGDetector<(Of <(<'TColor>)>)>
The interface for a background foreground Detector