The Retina..::..OPLandIplParvoParameters type exposes the following members.


Public methodEquals
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Public methodToString
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Public fieldColorMode
Specifies if (true) color is processed of not (false) to then processing gray level image
Public fieldGanglionCellsSensitivity
Ganglion cells sensitivity. Use 0.7 for default
Public fieldHcellsSpatialConstant
Hcells spatial constant. Use 7.0 for default
Public fieldHcellsTemporalConstant
Hcells temporal constant. Use 1.0 for default
Public fieldHorizontalCellsGain
Horizontal cells gain. Use 0.0 for default
Public fieldNormaliseOutput
Normalise output. Use true for default
Public fieldPhotoreceptorsLocalAdaptationSensitivity
Photoreceptors local adaptation sensitivity. Use 0.7 for default
Public fieldPhotoreceptorsSpatialConstant
Photoreceptors spatial constant. Use 0.53 for default
Public fieldPhotoreceptorsTemporalConstant
Photoreceptors temporal constant. Use 0.5 for default

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