Calculates 2D pair-wise geometrical histogram (PGH), described in [Iivarinen97], for the contour. The algorithm considers every pair of the contour edges. The angle between the edges and the minimum/maximum distances are determined for every pair. To do this each of the edges in turn is taken as the base, while the function loops through all the other edges. When the base edge and any other edge are considered, the minimum and maximum distances from the points on the non-base edge and line of the base edge are selected. The angle between the edges defines the row of the histogram in which all the bins that correspond to the distance between the calculated minimum and maximum distances are incremented (that is, the histogram is transposed relatively to [Iivarninen97] definition). The histogram can be used for contour matching

Namespace: Emgu.CV
Assembly: Emgu.CV (in Emgu.CV.dll) Version: (


public static void cvCalcPGH(
	IntPtr contour,
	IntPtr hist
Visual Basic
Public Shared Sub cvCalcPGH ( 
	contour As IntPtr,
	hist As IntPtr
Visual C++
static void cvCalcPGH(
	IntPtr contour, 
	IntPtr hist
static member cvCalcPGH : 
        contour : IntPtr * 
        hist : IntPtr -> unit 


Type: System..::..IntPtr
Input contour. Currently, only integer point coordinates are allowed
Type: System..::..IntPtr
Calculated histogram; must be two-dimensional

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