Class adapting a descriptor extractor to compute descriptors in the Opponent Color Space (refer to Van de Sande et al., CGIV 2008 Color Descriptors for Object Category Recognition). Input RGB image is transformed in the Opponent Color Space. Then, an unadapted descriptor extractor (set in the constructor) computes descriptors on each of three channels and concatenates them into a single color descriptor.

Namespace: Emgu.CV.Features2D
Assembly: Emgu.CV (in Emgu.CV.dll) Version: (


public class OpponentColorDescriptorExtractor<TDescriptor> : UnmanagedObject, 
	IDescriptorExtractor<Bgr, TDescriptor>
where TDescriptor : struct, new()
Visual Basic
Public Class OpponentColorDescriptorExtractor(Of TDescriptor As {Structure, New}) _
	Inherits UnmanagedObject _
	Implements IDescriptorExtractor(Of Bgr, TDescriptor)
Visual C++
generic<typename TDescriptor>
where TDescriptor : value class, gcnew()
public ref class OpponentColorDescriptorExtractor : public UnmanagedObject, 
	IDescriptorExtractor<Bgr, TDescriptor>

Type Parameters

The type of descriptor

Inheritance Hierarchy

      Emgu.CV.Features2D..::..OpponentColorDescriptorExtractor<(Of <(<'TDescriptor>)>)>

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