The Seq<(Of <(<'T>)>)> type exposes the following members.


Public propertyArea
Get the area of the contour
Public propertyBoundingRectangle
Get the smallest bouding rectangle
Public propertyConvex
Indicate if the coutour is a convex one
Protected propertyElementType
Get or Set the element Type
Public propertyHNext
Same as h_next pointer in CvSeq
Public propertyHPrev
Same as h_prev pointer in CvSeq
Public propertyItem
Obtain the index element in this sequence
Public propertyMCvSeq
Get the MCvSeq structure
Public propertyPerimeter
The perimeter of the sequence
Public propertyPtr
Get the pointer of this sequence
Public propertyStorage
A Pointer to the storage used by this Seq
Public propertyTotal
Get the number of eelments in the sequence
Public propertyVNext
Same as v_next pointer in CvSeq
Public propertyVPrev
Same as v_prev pointer in CvSeq

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