Eliminate the matched features whose scale and rotation do not aggree with the majority's scale and rotation.

Namespace: Emgu.CV.Features2D
Assembly: Emgu.CV (in Emgu.CV.dll) Version: (


public static Features2DTracker<(Of <(<'TDescriptor>)>)>..::..MatchedImageFeature[] VoteForSizeAndOrientation(
	Features2DTracker<(Of <(<'TDescriptor>)>)>..::..MatchedImageFeature[] matchedFeatures,
	double scaleIncrement,
	int rotationBins
Visual Basic
Public Shared Function VoteForSizeAndOrientation ( _
	matchedFeatures As Features2DTracker<(Of <(<'TDescriptor>)>)>..::..MatchedImageFeature(), _
	scaleIncrement As Double, _
	rotationBins As Integer _
) As Features2DTracker<(Of <(<'TDescriptor>)>)>..::..MatchedImageFeature()
Visual C++
static array<Features2DTracker<(Of <(<'TDescriptor>)>)>..::..MatchedImageFeature>^ VoteForSizeAndOrientation(
	array<Features2DTracker<(Of <(<'TDescriptor>)>)>..::..MatchedImageFeature>^ matchedFeatures, 
	double scaleIncrement, 
	int rotationBins


Type: array<Emgu.CV.Features2D..::..Features2DTracker<(Of <(<'TDescriptor>)>)>..::..MatchedImageFeature>[]()[][]
The matched feature that will be participated in the voting. For each matchedFeatures, only the zero indexed ModelFeature will be considered.
Type: System..::..Double
This determins the different in scale for neighbour hood bins, a good value might be 1.5 (which means matched features in bin i+1 is scaled 1.5 times larger than matched features in bin i
Type: System..::..Int32
The numbers of bins for rotation, a good value might be 20 (which means each bin covers 18 degree)

Return Value

[Missing <returns> documentation for "M:Emgu.CV.Features2D.Features2DTracker`1.VoteForSizeAndOrientation(Emgu.CV.Features2D.Features2DTracker{`0}.MatchedImageFeature[],System.Double,System.Int32)"]

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