Use camshift to track the feature

Namespace: Emgu.CV.Features2D
Assembly: Emgu.CV (in Emgu.CV.dll) Version: (


public HomographyMatrix CamShiftTrack(
	ImageFeature<TDescriptor>[] observedFeatures,
	MCvBox2D initRegion,
	Image<Gray, float> priorMask
Visual Basic
Public Function CamShiftTrack ( _
	observedFeatures As ImageFeature(Of TDescriptor)(), _
	initRegion As MCvBox2D, _
	priorMask As Image(Of Gray, Single) _
) As HomographyMatrix
Visual C++
HomographyMatrix^ CamShiftTrack(
	array<ImageFeature<TDescriptor>>^ observedFeatures, 
	MCvBox2D initRegion, 
	Image<Gray, float>^ priorMask


Type: array<Emgu.CV.Features2D..::..ImageFeature<(Of <(<'TDescriptor>)>)>>[]()[][]
The feature found from the observed image
Type: Emgu.CV.Structure..::..MCvBox2D
The predicted location of the model in the observed image. If not known, use MCvBox2D.Empty as default
Type: Emgu.CV..::..Image<(Of <(<'Gray, Single>)>)>
The mask that should be the same size as the observed image. Contains a priori value of the probability a match can be found. If you are not sure, pass an image fills with 1.0s

Return Value

If a match is found, the homography projection matrix is returned. Otherwise null is returned

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