The initial step the algorithm starts from

Namespace: Emgu.CV.ML.MlEnum
Assembly: Emgu.CV.ML (in Emgu.CV.ML.dll) Version: (


public enum EM_INIT_STEP_TYPE
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration EM_INIT_STEP_TYPE
Visual C++
public enum class EM_INIT_STEP_TYPE


Member nameValueDescription
START_E_STEP1 The algorithm starts with E-step. At least, the initial values of mean vectors, CvEMParams.Means must be passed. Optionally, the user may also provide initial values for weights (CvEMParams.Weights) and/or covariation matrices (CvEMParams.Covs).
START_M_STEP2 The algorithm starts with M-step. The initial probabilities p_{i,k} must be provided
START_AUTO_STEP0 No values are required from the user, k-means algorithm is used to estimate initial mixtures parameters

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