The MCvSubdiv2D type exposes the following members.


Public fieldactive_count
Public fieldblock_max
maximal bound of the last block
Public fieldbottomright
The virtual bottom right corner of this subdivision
Public fielddelta_elems
how many elements allocated when the seq grows
Public fieldedges
Pointer to CvSet
Public fieldelem_size
size of sequence element in bytes
Public fieldfirst
pointer to the first sequence block
Public fieldflags
micsellaneous flags
Public fieldfree_blocks
free blocks list
Public fieldfree_elems
Public fieldh_next
next sequence
Public fieldh_prev
previous sequence
Public fieldheader_size
size of sequence header
Public fieldis_geometry_valid
Public fieldptr
current write pointer
Public fieldquad_edges
Public fieldrecent_edge
Public fieldstorage
where the seq is stored
Public fieldtopleft
The virtual topleft corner of this subdivision
Public fieldtotal
total number of elements
Public fieldv_next
2nd next sequence
Public fieldv_prev
2nd previous sequence

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