An GpuImage is very similar to the Emgu.CV.Image except that it is being used for GPU processing

Namespace: Emgu.CV.GPU
Assembly: Emgu.CV.GPU (in Emgu.CV.GPU.dll) Version: (


public class GpuImage<TColor, TDepth> : GpuMat<TDepth>, 
	IImage, IDisposable, ICloneable
where TColor : struct, new(), IColor
where TDepth : new()
Visual Basic
Public Class GpuImage(Of TColor As {Structure, New, IColor}, TDepth As New) _
	Inherits GpuMat(Of TDepth) _
	Implements IImage, IDisposable, ICloneable
Visual C++
generic<typename TColor, typename TDepth>
where TColor : value class, gcnew(), IColor
where TDepth : gcnew()
public ref class GpuImage : public GpuMat<TDepth>, 
	IImage, IDisposable, ICloneable

Type Parameters

Color type of this image (either Gray, Bgr, Bgra, Hsv, Hls, Lab, Luv, Xyz, Ycc, Rgb or Rbga)
Depth of this image (either Byte, SByte, Single, double, UInt16, Int16 or Int32)

Inheritance Hierarchy

        Emgu.CV.GPU..::..GpuMat<(Of <(<'TDepth>)>)>
          Emgu.CV.GPU..::..GpuImage<(Of <(<'TColor, TDepth>)>)>

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