Type of chessboard calibration

Namespace: Emgu.CV.CvEnum
Assembly: Emgu.CV (in Emgu.CV.dll) Version: (


public enum CALIB_CB_TYPE
Visual Basic
<FlagsAttribute> _
Public Enumeration CALIB_CB_TYPE
Visual C++
public enum class CALIB_CB_TYPE


Member nameValueDescription
DEFAULT0 Default type
ADAPTIVE_THRESH1 Use adaptive thresholding to convert the image to black-n-white, rather than a fixed threshold level (computed from the average image brightness)
NORMALIZE_IMAGE2 Normalize the image using cvNormalizeHist before applying fixed or adaptive thresholding.
FILTER_QUADS4 Use additional criteria (like contour area, perimeter, square-like shape) to filter out false quads that are extracted at the contour retrieval stage
FAST_CHECK8 If it is on, then this check is performed before the main algorithm and if a chessboard is not found, the function returns 0 instead of wasting 0.3-1s on doing the full search.

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