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Image Box

What is an ImageBox

ImageBox is a user control that is similar to PictureBox. Instead of displaying Bitmap, it display any Image<,> object.

It also provides extra functionality for image manipulation. I will give an example using the Line and Circle detection Example, where the result is displayed using an ImageBox. Move your mouse over to the image and right click, a context menu with available operations will be displayed.

ImageBox LineAndCircle1.PNG

TODO: Add more images and detail description here

Functional Mode

The ImageBox has a FunctionalMode property, which allow you to configure how images are displayed in ImageBox.


Under this configuration, ImageBox is similar as PictureBox and all advanced features are disabled.


This configuration allows the user to pan and zoom into the image.

Adding Image Box to your Application

For instruction on how to add an Image Box to your application, please visit here.