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  • Professional support and services

Emgu Corporation provides confidential consultancy services, professional support or training for organizations requiring them. We are specialized in the following areas:

  • Desktop (Windows, mac OS & Linux) computer vision & machine learning system design and development
  • Mobile (iOS & Android) computer vision & machine learning system design and development
  • Performance optimization of existing application using GPU or parallel computing library such as Intel TBB, OpenMP or SSE intrinsic.
  • Cross platform application migration. e.g. porting Windows application to iOS / Android / *nix / Mac OSX
  • Commercial support for Emgu CV and Emgu TF
  • Creating .NET wrapper for C/C++ applications.

Emgu Corporation is a AI / computer vision technology company focused on providing industry leading software to solve real world problems. We develop computer vision library and machine learning software that allow rapid development of high-quality and high-performance intelligent systems. Founded in 2007 and privately held, Emgu Corporation is headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Please email us for inquires and we will get back to you ASAP.

  • Community support

Emgu CV has an active user community, where questions and discussions are posted on the community discussion forum. There is a Emgu CV GitHub issue tracker for bug reporting, where issues are monitored by our developer. There is also a Emgu TF GitHub issue tracker for bug reporting