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cvExp Method (src, dst)
NamespacesEmgu.CVCvInvokecvExp(IntPtr, IntPtr)

Calculates exponent of every element of input array: dst(I)=exp(src(I)) Maximum relative error is 7e-6. Currently, the function converts denormalized values to zeros on output
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public static void cvExp(
	IntPtr src,
	IntPtr dst
Public Shared Sub cvExp ( _
	src As IntPtr, _
	dst As IntPtr _
static void cvExp(
	IntPtr src, 
	IntPtr dst
src (IntPtr)
The source array
dst (IntPtr)
The destination array, it should have double type or the same type as the source

Assembly: Emgu.CV (Module: Emgu.CV) Version: (