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FindExtrinsicCameraParams2 Method (objectPoints, imagePoints, intrin)
NamespacesEmgu.CVCameraCalibrationFindExtrinsicCameraParams2(array<Point3D<(Of <(Single>)>)>[]()[], array<Point2D<(Of <(Single>)>)>[]()[], IntrinsicCameraParameters)

Estimates extrinsic camera parameters using known intrinsic parameters and and extrinsic parameters for each view. The coordinates of 3D object points and their correspondent 2D projections must be specified. This function also minimizes back-projection error.
Declaration Syntax
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public static ExtrinsicCameraParameters FindExtrinsicCameraParams2(
	Point3D<float>[] objectPoints,
	Point2D<float>[] imagePoints,
	IntrinsicCameraParameters intrin
Public Shared Function FindExtrinsicCameraParams2 ( _
	objectPoints As Point3D(Of Single)(), _
	imagePoints As Point2D(Of Single)(), _
	intrin As IntrinsicCameraParameters _
) As ExtrinsicCameraParameters
static ExtrinsicCameraParameters^ FindExtrinsicCameraParams2(
	array<Point3D<float>^>^ objectPoints, 
	array<Point2D<float>^>^ imagePoints, 
	IntrinsicCameraParameters^ intrin
objectPoints (array< Point3D<(Of <(Single>)>) >[]()[])
The array of object points
imagePoints (array< Point2D<(Of <(Single>)>) >[]()[])
The array of corresponding image points
intrin (IntrinsicCameraParameters)
The intrinsic parameters
Return Value
the extrinsic parameters

Assembly: Emgu.CV (Module: Emgu.CV) Version: (