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Undistort2<(Of <(C, D>)>) Method (src, intrin)
NamespacesEmgu.CVCameraCalibrationUndistort2<(Of <(C, D>)>)(Image<(Of <(C, D>)>), IntrinsicCameraParameters)

Transforms the image to compensate radial and tangential lens distortion. The camera matrix and distortion parameters can be determined using cvCalibrateCamera2. For every pixel in the output image the function computes coordinates of the corresponding location in the input image using the formulae in the section beginning. Then, the pixel value is computed using bilinear interpolation. If the resolution of images is different from what was used at the calibration stage, fx, fy, cx and cy need to be adjusted appropriately, while the distortion coefficients remain the same
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public static Image<C, D> Undistort2<C, D>(
	Image<C, D> src,
	IntrinsicCameraParameters intrin
where C : new(), ColorType
where D : new(), IComparable
Public Shared Function Undistort2(Of C As {New, ColorType}, D As {New, IComparable}) ( _
	src As Image(Of C, D), _
	intrin As IntrinsicCameraParameters _
) As Image(Of C, D)
generic<typename C, typename D>
where C : gcnew(), ColorType
where D : gcnew(), IComparable
static Image<C, D>^ Undistort2(
	Image<C, D>^ src, 
	IntrinsicCameraParameters^ intrin
Generic Template Parameters
The color type of the image
The depth of the image
src (Image<(Of <(C, D>)>))
The distorted image
intrin (IntrinsicCameraParameters)
The intrinsic camera parameters
Return Value
The corrected image

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