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cvPutText Method (img, text, org, font, color)
NamespacesEmgu.CVCvInvokecvPutText(IntPtr, String, MCvPoint, MCvFont%, MCvScalar)

Renders the text in the image with the specified font and color. The printed text is clipped by ROI rectangle. Symbols that do not belong to the specified font are replaced with the rectangle symbol.
Declaration Syntax
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public static void cvPutText(
	IntPtr img,
	string text,
	MCvPoint org,
	ref MCvFont font,
	MCvScalar color
Public Shared Sub cvPutText ( _
	img As IntPtr, _
	text As String, _
	org As MCvPoint, _
	ByRef font As MCvFont, _
	color As MCvScalar _
static void cvPutText(
	IntPtr img, 
	String^ text, 
	MCvPoint org, 
	MCvFont% font, 
	MCvScalar color
img (IntPtr)
Input image
text (String)
String to print
org (MCvPoint)
Coordinates of the bottom-left corner of the first letter
font ( MCvFont %)
Pointer to the font structure
color (MCvScalar)
Text color

Assembly: Emgu.CV (Module: Emgu.CV) Version: (