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EigenObjectRecognizer Constructor (images, labels, eigenDistanceThreshold, termCrit)
NamespacesEmgu.CVEigenObjectRecognizerEigenObjectRecognizer(array<Image<(Of <(Gray, Byte>)>)>[]()[], array<String>[]()[], Double, MCvTermCriteria%)

Create an object recognizer using the specific tranning data and parameters
Declaration Syntax
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public EigenObjectRecognizer(
	Image<Gray, byte>[] images,
	string[] labels,
	double eigenDistanceThreshold,
	ref MCvTermCriteria termCrit
Public Sub New ( _
	images As Image(Of Gray, Byte)(), _
	labels As String(), _
	eigenDistanceThreshold As Double, _
	ByRef termCrit As MCvTermCriteria _
	array<Image<Gray^, unsigned char>^>^ images, 
	array<String^>^ labels, 
	double eigenDistanceThreshold, 
	MCvTermCriteria% termCrit
images (array< Image<(Of <(Gray, Byte>)>) >[]()[])
The images used for training, each of them should be the same size. It's recommended the images are histogram normalized
labels (array< String >[]()[])
The labels corresponding to the images
eigenDistanceThreshold (Double)
The eigen distance threshold, (0, ~1000]. The smaller the number, the more likely an examined image will be treated as unrecognized object. If the threshold is < 0, the recognizer will always treated the examined image as one of the known object.
termCrit ( MCvTermCriteria %)
The criteria for recognizer training

Assembly: Emgu.CV (Module: Emgu.CV) Version: (