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FindStereoCorrespondence Method (leftImage, rightImage, maxDisparity)
NamespacesEmgu.CVUtilsFindStereoCorrespondence(Image<(Of <(Gray, Byte>)>), Image<(Of <(Gray, Byte>)>), Int32)

Calculates disparity for stereo-pair
Declaration Syntax
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public static Image<Gray, byte> FindStereoCorrespondence(
	Image<Gray, byte> leftImage,
	Image<Gray, byte> rightImage,
	int maxDisparity
Public Shared Function FindStereoCorrespondence ( _
	leftImage As Image(Of Gray, Byte), _
	rightImage As Image(Of Gray, Byte), _
	maxDisparity As Integer _
) As Image(Of Gray, Byte)
static Image<Gray^, unsigned char>^ FindStereoCorrespondence(
	Image<Gray^, unsigned char>^ leftImage, 
	Image<Gray^, unsigned char>^ rightImage, 
	int maxDisparity
leftImage (Image<(Of <(Gray, Byte>)>))
Left image of stereo pair, rectified grayscale 8-bit image
rightImage (Image<(Of <(Gray, Byte>)>))
Right image of stereo pair, rectified grayscale 8-bit image
maxDisparity (Int32)
Maximum possible disparity. The closer the objects to the cameras, the larger value should be specified here. Too big values slow down the process significantly
Return Value

[Missing <returns> documentation for M:Emgu.CV.Utils.FindStereoCorrespondence(Emgu.CV.Image{Emgu.CV.Gray,System.Byte},Emgu.CV.Image{Emgu.CV.Gray,System.Byte},System.Int32)]

Assembly: Emgu.CV (Module: Emgu.CV) Version: (