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cvCreateChildMemStorage Method (parent)

Creates a child memory storage that is similar to simple memory storage except for the differences in the memory allocation/deallocation mechanism. When a child storage needs a new block to add to the block list, it tries to get this block from the parent. The first unoccupied parent block available is taken and excluded from the parent block list. If no blocks are available, the parent either allocates a block or borrows one from its own parent, if any. In other words, the chain, or a more complex structure, of memory storages where every storage is a child/parent of another is possible. When a child storage is released or even cleared, it returns all blocks to the parent. In other aspects, the child storage is the same as the simple storage.
Declaration Syntax
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public static IntPtr cvCreateChildMemStorage(
	IntPtr parent
Public Shared Function cvCreateChildMemStorage ( _
	parent As IntPtr _
) As IntPtr
static IntPtr cvCreateChildMemStorage(
	IntPtr parent
parent (IntPtr)
Parent memory storage
Return Value

Assembly: Emgu.CV (Module: Emgu.CV) Version: (