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CalibrateCamera Method (objectPoints, imagePoints, imageSize, intrinsicParam, flags, extrinsicParams)
NamespacesEmgu.CVCameraCalibrationCalibrateCamera(array<array<Point3D<(Of <(Single>)>)>[]()[]>[]()[], array<array<Point2D<(Of <(Single>)>)>[]()[]>[]()[], MCvSize%, IntrinsicCameraParameters, Int32, array<ExtrinsicCameraParameters>[]()[]%)

Estimates intrinsic camera parameters and extrinsic parameters for each of the views
Declaration Syntax
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public static void CalibrateCamera(
	Point3D<float>[][] objectPoints,
	Point2D<float>[][] imagePoints,
	ref MCvSize imageSize,
	IntrinsicCameraParameters intrinsicParam,
	int flags,
	out ExtrinsicCameraParameters[] extrinsicParams
Public Shared Sub CalibrateCamera ( _
	objectPoints As Point3D(Of Single)()(), _
	imagePoints As Point2D(Of Single)()(), _
	ByRef imageSize As MCvSize, _
	intrinsicParam As IntrinsicCameraParameters, _
	flags As Integer, _
	<OutAttribute> ByRef extrinsicParams As ExtrinsicCameraParameters() _
static void CalibrateCamera(
	array<array<Point3D<float>^>^>^ objectPoints, 
	array<array<Point2D<float>^>^>^ imagePoints, 
	MCvSize% imageSize, 
	IntrinsicCameraParameters^ intrinsicParam, 
	int flags, 
	[OutAttribute] array<ExtrinsicCameraParameters^>^% extrinsicParams
objectPoints (array< array< Point3D<(Of <(Single>)>) >[]()[] >[]()[])
The 3D location of the object points. The first index is the index of image, second index is the index of the point
imagePoints (array< array< Point2D<(Of <(Single>)>) >[]()[] >[]()[])
The 2D image location of the points. The first index is the index of the image, second index is the index of the point
imageSize ( MCvSize %)
The size of the image, used only to initialize intrinsic camera matrix
intrinsicParam (IntrinsicCameraParameters)
The intrisinc parameters, might contains some initial value. The value is modified by this function.
flags (Int32)
extrinsicParams ( array< ExtrinsicCameraParameters >[]()[] %)
The output array of extrinsic parameters.

Assembly: Emgu.CV (Module: Emgu.CV) Version: (