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InPaint Method (mask, radius)
NamespacesEmgu.CVImage<(Of <(TColor, TDepth>)>)InPaint(Image<(Of <(Gray, Byte>)>), Double)

Use impaint to recover the intensity of the pixels which location defined by on this image
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public Image<TColor, TDepth> InPaint(
	Image<Gray, byte> mask,
	double radius
Public Function InPaint ( _
	mask As Image(Of Gray, Byte), _
	radius As Double _
) As Image(Of TColor, TDepth)
Image<TColor, TDepth>^ InPaint(
	Image<Gray^, unsigned char>^ mask, 
	double radius
mask (Image<(Of <(Gray, Byte>)>))

[Missing <param name="mask"/> documentation for "M:Emgu.CV.Image`2.InPaint(Emgu.CV.Image{Emgu.CV.Gray,System.Byte},System.Double)"]

radius (Double)

[Missing <param name="radius"/> documentation for "M:Emgu.CV.Image`2.InPaint(Emgu.CV.Image{Emgu.CV.Gray,System.Byte},System.Double)"]

Return Value
The inpainted image

Assembly: Emgu.CV (Module: Emgu.CV) Version: (