Wrapper of OpenCV's image processing functions. Base functions (L1) can be found in CvInvoke class


Public classAdaptiveSkinDetector
Adaptive Skin Detector
Public classCameraCalibration
Camera calibration functions
Public classCapture
Capture images from either camera or video file.
Public classCascadeClassifier
The Cascade Classifier
Public classColorInfoAttribute
Attribute used to specify color information
Public classContour<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Wrapped class for Contour
Public classConvolutionKernelF
A convolution kernel
Public classCvArray<(Of <(<'TDepth>)>)>
Wrapped CvArr
Public classCvInvoke
Library to invoke OpenCV functions
Public classDenseHistogram
A Uniform Multi-dimensional Dense Histogram
Public classEigenFaceRecognizer
Eigen face recognizer
Public classEigenObjectRecognizer
An object recognizer using PCA (Principle Components Analysis)
Public classEigenObjectRecognizer..::..RecognitionResult
The result returned the Recognized function is called. Contains the label, index and the eigen distance.
Public classExtrinsicCameraParameters
Extrinsic camera parameters
Public classFaceRecognizer
Face Recognizer
Public classFeatureTree
A wrapper for CvFeatureTree
Public classFisherFaceRecognizer
Fisher face recognizer
Public classHaarCascade Obsolete.
HaarCascade for object detection
Public classHOGDescriptor
A HOG discriptor
Public classHomographyMatrix
A 3x3 homography matrix. This matrix defines an perspective transform
Public classImage<(Of <(<'TColor, TDepth>)>)>
An Image is a wrapper to IplImage of OpenCV.
Public classIntrinsicCameraParameters
Intrinsic camera parameters
Public classKalman
Kalman Filter
Public classKinectCapture
Kinect Camera capture
Public classLatentSvmDetector
Laten SVM detector
Public classLBPHFaceRecognizer
LBPH face recognizer
Public classMap<(Of <(<'TColor, TDepth>)>)>
A Map is similar to an Image, except that the location of the pixels is defined by its area and resolution
Public classMatND<(Of <(<'TDepth>)>)>
A MatND is a wrapper to cvMatND of OpenCV.
Public classMatrix<(Of <(<'TDepth>)>)>
A Matrix is a wrapper to cvMat of OpenCV.
Public classMemStorage
A MemStorage is a wrapper to cvMemStorage of OpenCV.
Public classMotionHistory
The motion history class
Public classOctree
Public classOpticalFlow
Contains a collection of optical flow methods
Public classPlanarSubdivision
Plannar Subdivision, can be use to compute Delaunnay's triangulation or Voroni diagram.
Public classPointCollection
A collection of points
Public classRetina
A wrapper class which allows the Gipsa/Listic Labs model to be used. This retina model allows spatio-temporal image processing (applied on still images, video sequences). As a summary, these are the retina model properties: 1. It applies a spectral whithening (mid-frequency details enhancement); 2. high frequency spatio-temporal noise reduction; 3. low frequency luminance to be reduced (luminance range compression); 4. local logarithmic luminance compression allows details to be enhanced in low light conditions. USE : this model can be used basically for spatio-temporal video effects but also for : _using the getParvo method output matrix : texture analysiswith enhanced signal to noise ratio and enhanced details robust against input images luminance ranges _using the getMagno method output matrix : motion analysis also with the previously cited properties For more information, reer to the following papers : Benoit A., Caplier A., Durette B., Herault, J., "USING HUMAN VISUAL SYSTEM MODELING FOR BIO-INSPIRED LOW LEVEL IMAGE PROCESSING", Elsevier, Computer Vision and Image Understanding 114 (2010), pp. 758-773, DOI: Vision: Images, Signals and Neural Networks: Models of Neural Processing in Visual Perception (Progress in Neural Processing),By: Jeanny Herault, ISBN: 9814273686. WAPI (Tower ID): 113266891. The retina filter includes the research contributions of phd/research collegues from which code has been redrawn by the author : _take a look at the retinacolor.hpp module to discover Brice Chaix de Lavarene color mosaicing/demosaicing and the reference paper: B. Chaix de Lavarene, D. Alleysson, B. Durette, J. Herault (2007). "Efficient demosaicing through recursive filtering", IEEE International Conference on Image Processing ICIP 2007 _take a look at imagelogpolprojection.hpp to discover retina spatial log sampling which originates from Barthelemy Durette phd with Jeanny Herault. A Retina / V1 cortex projection is also proposed and originates from Jeanny's discussions. more informations in the above cited Jeanny Heraults's book.
Public classRotationMatrix2D<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
A (2x3) 2D rotation matrix. This Matrix defines an Affine Transform
Public classRotationVector3D
A (3x1) Rodrigues rotation vector. Rotation vector is a compact representation of rotation matrix. Direction of the rotation vector is the rotation axis and the length of the vector is the rotation angle around the axis.
Public classSeq<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Wrapper to cvSeq of OpenCV.
Public classSparseMatrix<(Of <(<'TDepth>)>)>
Create a sparse matrix
Public classStereoBM
Use Block Matching algorithm to find stereo correspondence
Public classStereoGC
Use Graph Cut algorithm to find stereo correspondence
Public classStereoSGBM
This is a variation of "Stereo Processing by Semiglobal Matching and Mutual Information" by Heiko Hirschmuller. We match blocks rather than individual pixels, thus the algorithm is called SGBM (Semi-global block matching)
Public classStructuringElementEx
A wrapper for the CvStructuringElementEx structure in opencv
Public classTimedImage<(Of <(<'TColor, TDepth>)>)>
The Image which contains time stamp which specified what time this image is created
Public classVideoWriter
Create a video writer that write images to video format
Public classVoronoiFacet
A Voronoi Facet


Public structureFaceRecognizer..::..PredictionResult
The prediction result
Public structureKinectCapture..::..ColorPoint
A point with Bgr color information
Public structureQuaternions
A unit quaternions that defines rotation in 3D
Public structureRetina..::..IplMagnoParameters
Inner Plexiform Layer Magnocellular channel (IplMagno)
Public structureRetina..::..OPLandIplParvoParameters
Outer Plexiform Layer (OPL) and Inner Plexiform Layer Parvocellular (IplParvo) parameters
Public structureRetina..::..RetinaParameters
Retina parameters


Public interfaceICapture
The interface that is used for WCF to provide a image capture service
Public interfaceIColor
A color type
Public interfaceIConvexPolygon
An interface for the convex polygon
Public interfaceIConvexPolygonF
An interface for the convex polygon
Public interfaceIDuplexCapture
The interface to request a duplex image capture
Public interfaceIDuplexCaptureCallback
The interface for DuplexCaptureCallback
Public interfaceIImage
IImage interface


Public delegateCapture..::..GrabEventHandler
The event handler when an image is grabbed
Public delegateCvInvoke..::..CvAllocFunc
Delegate used to allocate data by OpenCV
Public delegateCvInvoke..::..CvDistanceFunction
Wrapped Opencv's CvDistanceFunction
Public delegateCvInvoke..::..CvErrorCallback
Define an error callback that can be registered using cvRedirectError function
Public delegateCvInvoke..::..CvFreeFunc
Delegate used to dellocate OpenCV memory


Public enumerationAdaptiveSkinDetector..::..MorphingMethod
Morphing method
Public enumerationCapture..::..CaptureModuleType
The type of capture source
Public enumerationKinectCapture..::..ImageGeneratorOutputMode
Camera output mode
Public enumerationKinectCapture..::..OpenNIDataType
Open ni data type used by the retrieve functions
Public enumerationRetina..::..ColorSamplingMethod
The retina color sampling method.