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MCvKalman Structure
Managed CvKalman structure

Namespace: Emgu.CV.Structure
Assembly: Emgu.CV (in Emgu.CV.dll) Version: (
public struct MCvKalman

The MCvKalman type exposes the following members.

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Public fieldcontrol_matrix
control matrix (B) (it is not used if there is no control)
Public fieldCP
number of control vector dimensions
Public fieldDP
number of state vector dimensions
Public fieldDynamMatr
Public fielderror_cov_post
posteriori error estimate covariance matrix P(k)=(I-K(k)*H)*P'(k)
Public fielderror_cov_pre
priori error estimate covariance matrix P'(k)=A*P(k-1)*At + Q)
Public fieldgain
Kalman gain matrix (K(k)): K(k)=P'(k)*Ht*inv(H*P'(k)*Ht+R)
Public fieldKalmGainMatr
Public fieldmeasurement_matrix
measurement matrix (H)
Public fieldmeasurement_noise_cov
measurement noise covariance matrix (R)
Public fieldMeasurementMatr
Public fieldMNCovariance
Public fieldMP
number of measurement vector dimensions
Public fieldPNCovariance
Public fieldPosterErrorCovariance
Public fieldPosterState
Public fieldPriorErrorCovariance
Public fieldPriorState
Public fieldprocess_noise_cov
process noise covariance matrix (Q)
Public fieldstate_post
corrected state (x(k)): x(k)=x'(k)+K(k)*(z(k)-H*x'(k))
Public fieldstate_pre
predicted state (x'(k)): x(k)=A*x(k-1)+B*u(k)
Public fieldtemp1
temporary matrices
Public fieldTemp1Data
Public fieldtemp2
temporary matrices
Public fieldTemp2Data
Public fieldtemp3
temporary matrices
Public fieldtemp4
temporary matrices
Public fieldtemp5
temporary matrices
Public fieldtransition_matrix
state transition matrix (A)
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