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StructSize Class
Cache the size of various header in bytes
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Emgu.CV.Util
Assembly: Emgu.CV (in Emgu.CV.dll) Version: (
public static class StructSize

The StructSize type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberMCvBlob
The size of MCvBlob
Public propertyStatic memberMCvContour
The size of MCvContour
Public propertyStatic memberMCvMat
The size of MCvMat
Public propertyStatic memberMCvMatND
The size of MCvMatND
Public propertyStatic memberMCvPoint2D64f
The size of PointF
Public propertyStatic memberMCvPoint3D32f
The size of MCvPoint3D32f
Public propertyStatic memberMCvSeq
The size of MCvSeq
Public propertyStatic memberMCvSeqBlock
The size of CvSeqBlock
Public propertyStatic memberMIplImage
The size of IplImage
Public propertyStatic memberPointF
The size of PointF
Public propertyStatic memberRangF
The size of RangF
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