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Emgu.CV Namespace
Wrapper of OpenCV's image processing functions. Base functions (L1) can be found in CvInvoke class
Public classAlgorithmExtensions
Extension methods to the IAlgorithm interface
Public classCalibrateCRF
The base class for camera response calibration algorithms.
Public classCameraCalibration Obsolete.
Camera calibration functions
Public classCapture
Capture images from either camera or video file.
Public classCascadeClassifier
The Cascade Classifier
Public classColorInfoAttribute
Attribute used to specify color information
Public classConvolutionKernelF
A convolution kernel
Public classCvArrayTDepth
Wrapped CvArr
Public classCvInvoke
Library to invoke OpenCV functions
Public classCvString
Wrapper for cv::String. This class support UTF-8 chars.
Public classDenseHistogram
A Uniform Multi-dimensional Dense Histogram
Public classDenseOpticalFlowExtensions
Extension methods for IDenseOpticalFlow
Public classDualTVL1OpticalFlow
Dual TV L1 Optical Flow Algorithm.
Public classExtrinsicCameraParameters Obsolete.
Extrinsic camera parameters
Public classFileNode
File Storage Node class. The node is used to store each and every element of the file storage opened for reading. When XML/YAML file is read, it is first parsed and stored in the memory as a hierarchical collection of nodes. Each node can be a “leaf” that is contain a single number or a string, or be a collection of other nodes. There can be named collections (mappings) where each element has a name and it is accessed by a name, and ordered collections (sequences) where elements do not have names but rather accessed by index. Type of the file node can be determined using FileNode::type method. Note that file nodes are only used for navigating file storages opened for reading. When a file storage is opened for writing, no data is stored in memory after it is written.
Public classFileStorage
XML/YAML file storage class that encapsulates all the information necessary for writing or reading data to/from a file.
Public classHOGDescriptor
A HOG descriptor
Public classIInputArrayExtensions
Extension methods for IInputArrays
Public classImageTColor, TDepth
An Image is a wrapper to IplImage of OpenCV.
Public classInputArray
This is the proxy class for passing read-only input arrays into OpenCV functions.
Public classInputOutputArray
This type is very similar to InputArray except that it is used for input/output function parameters.
Public classIntrinsicCameraParameters Obsolete.
Intrinsic camera parameters
Public classKalmanFilter
The class implements a standard Kalman filter. However, you can modify transitionMatrix, controlMatrix, and measurementMatrix to get an extended Kalman filter functionality.
Public classKinectCapture
Kinect Camera capture
Public classLatentSvmDetector
Latent SVM detector
Public classMapTColor, TDepth
A Map is similar to an Image, except that the location of the pixels is defined by its area and resolution
Public classMat
The equivalent of cv::Mat
Public classMatDataAllocator
Matrix data allocator. Base class for Mat that handles the matrix data allocation and deallocation
Public classMatNDTDepth
A MatND is a wrapper to cvMatND of OpenCV.
Public classMatrixTDepth
A Matrix is a wrapper to cvMat of OpenCV.
Public classMergeExposures
The base class algorithms that can merge exposure sequence to a single image.
Public classMotionHistory
The motion history class
Public classOclDevice
This class contains ocl runtime information
Public classOclInvoke
Class that contains ocl functions.
Public classOclPlatformInfo
This class contains ocl platform information
Public classOutputArray
This type is very similar to InputArray except that it is used for output function parameters.
Public classPointCollection
A collection of points
Public classRotationMatrix2D
A (2x3) 2D rotation matrix. This Matrix defines an Affine Transform
Public classRotationVector3D
A (3x1) Rodrigues rotation vector. Rotation vector is a compact representation of rotation matrix. Direction of the rotation vector is the rotation axis and the length of the vector is the rotation angle around the axis.
Public classScalarArray
An implementation of IInputArray intented to convert data to IInputArray
Public classSparseMatrixTDepth
Create a sparse matrix
Public classStereoBM
Class for computing stereo correspondence using the block matching algorithm, introduced and contributed to OpenCV by K. Konolige.
Public classStereoMatcherExtensions
Extension methods for StereoMather
Public classStereoSGBM
This is a variation of "Stereo Processing by Semiglobal Matching and Mutual Information" by Heiko Hirschmuller. We match blocks rather than individual pixels, thus the algorithm is called SGBM (Semi-global block matching)
Public classSubdiv2D
Planar Subdivision, can be use to compute Delaunnay's triangulation or Voroni diagram.
Public classTimedImageTColor, TDepth
The Image which contains time stamp which specified what time this image is created
Public classUMat
The equivalent of cv::Mat, should only be used if you know what you are doing. In most case you should use the Matrix class instead
Public classVideoWriter
Create a video writer that write images to video format
Public classVoronoiFacet
A Voronoi Facet
Public structureQuaternions
A unit quaternions that defines rotation in 3D
Public interfaceIAlgorithm
This is the algorithm class
Public interfaceICapture
The interface that is used for WCF to provide a image capture service
Public interfaceIColor
A color type
Public interfaceIConvexPolygon
An interface for the convex polygon
Public interfaceIConvexPolygonF
An interface for the convex polygon
Public interfaceIDenseOpticalFlow
Dense Optical flow
Public interfaceIDuplexCapture
The interface to request a duplex image capture
Public interfaceIDuplexCaptureCallback
The interface for DuplexCaptureCallback
Public interfaceIImage
IImage interface
Public interfaceIInputArray
This is the proxy class for passing read-only input arrays into OpenCV functions.
Public interfaceIInputArrayOfArrays
Public interfaceIInputOutputArray
This type is very similar to InputArray except that it is used for input/output function parameters.
Public interfaceIOutputArray
This type is very similar to InputArray except that it is used for output function parameters.
Public interfaceIStereoMatcher
The stereo matcher interface
Public delegateCvInvokeCvErrorCallback
Define an error callback that can be registered using cvRedirectError function