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CudaHOG Class
A HOG descriptor
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Emgu.CV.Cuda
Assembly: Emgu.CV.World (in Emgu.CV.World.dll) Version: (
public class CudaHOG : UnmanagedObject

The CudaHOG type exposes the following members.

Public methodCudaHOG
Create a new HOGDescriptor using the specific parameters
Public propertyBlockHistogramSize
Returns the block histogram size.
Public propertyDescriptorFormat
The descriptor format
Public propertyDescriptorSize
Returns the number of coefficients required for the classification.
Public propertyGammaCorrection
Flag to specify whether the gamma correction preprocessing is required or not
Public propertyGroupThreshold
Coefficient to regulate the similarity threshold. When detected, some objects can be covered by many rectangles. 0 means not to perform grouping. See groupRectangles.
Public propertyHitThreshold
Threshold for the distance between features and SVM classifying plane. Usually it is 0 and should be specfied in the detector coefficients (as the last free coefficient). But if the free coefficient is omitted (which is allowed), you can specify it manually here.
Public propertyL2HysThreshold
L2-Hys normalization method shrinkage.
Public propertyNumLevels
Maximum number of detection window increases
Public propertyPtr
Pointer to the unmanaged object
(Inherited from UnmanagedObject.)
Public propertyScaleFactor
Coefficient of the detection window increase.
Public propertyWinSigma
Gaussian smoothing window parameter
Public propertyWinStride
Window stride. It must be a multiple of block stride.
Public methodDetectMultiScale(IInputArray)
Performs object detection with increasing detection window.
Public methodDetectMultiScale(IInputArray, VectorOfRect, VectorOfDouble)
Performs object detection with a multi-scale window.
Public methodDispose
The dispose function that implements IDisposable interface
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Protected methodDisposeObject
Release the unmanaged memory associated with this HOGDescriptor
(Overrides DisposableObjectDisposeObject.)
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Protected methodFinalize
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Public methodGetDefaultPeopleDetector
Returns coefficients of the classifier trained for people detection (for default window size).
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Protected methodReleaseManagedResources
Release the managed resources. This function will be called during the disposal of the current object. override ride this function if you need to call the Dispose() function on any managed IDisposable object created by the current object
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Public methodSetSVMDetector
Set the SVM detector
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Protected field_ptr
A pointer to the unmanaged object
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