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CvInvokeFindEssentialMat Method
Calculates an essential matrix from the corresponding points in two images.

Namespace: Emgu.CV
Assembly: Emgu.CV.World (in Emgu.CV.World.dll) Version: (
public static void FindEssentialMat(
	IInputArray points1,
	IInputArray points2,
	IInputArray cameraMatrix,
	FmType method = FmType.Ransac,
	double prob = 0.999,
	double threshold = 1,
	IOutputArray mask = null


Type: Emgu.CVIInputArray
Array of N (N >= 5) 2D points from the first image. The point coordinates should be floating-point (single or double precision).
Type: Emgu.CVIInputArray
Array of the second image points of the same size and format as points1
Type: Emgu.CVIInputArray
Camera matrix K=[[fx 0 cx][0 fy cy][0 0 1]]. Note that this function assumes that points1 and points2 are feature points from cameras with the same camera matrix.
method (Optional)
Type: Emgu.CV.CvEnumFmType
Method for computing a fundamental matrix. RANSAC for the RANSAC algorithm. LMEDS for the LMedS algorithm
prob (Optional)
Type: SystemDouble
Parameter used for the RANSAC or LMedS methods only. It specifies a desirable level of confidence (probability) that the estimated matrix is correct.
threshold (Optional)
Type: SystemDouble
Parameter used for RANSAC. It is the maximum distance from a point to an epipolar line in pixels, beyond which the point is considered an outlier and is not used for computing the final fundamental matrix. It can be set to something like 1-3, depending on the accuracy of the point localization, image resolution, and the image noise.
mask (Optional)
Type: Emgu.CVIOutputArray
Output array of N elements, every element of which is set to 0 for outliers and to 1 for the other points. The array is computed only in the RANSAC and LMedS methods.
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