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CvInvokeFastNlMeansDenoisingColored Method
Perform image denoising using Non-local Means Denoising algorithm (modified for color image): with several computational optimizations. Noise expected to be a Gaussian white noise. The function converts image to CIELAB colorspace and then separately denoise L and AB components with given h parameters using fastNlMeansDenoising function.

Namespace: Emgu.CV
Assembly: Emgu.CV.World (in Emgu.CV.World.dll) Version: (
public static void FastNlMeansDenoisingColored(
	IInputArray src,
	IOutputArray dst,
	float h = 3f,
	float hColor = 3f,
	int templateWindowSize = 7,
	int searchWindowSize = 21


Type: Emgu.CVIInputArray
Input 8-bit 1-channel, 2-channel or 3-channel image.
Type: Emgu.CVIOutputArray
Output image with the same size and type as src.
h (Optional)
Type: SystemSingle
Parameter regulating filter strength. Big h value perfectly removes noise but also removes image details, smaller h value preserves details but also preserves some noise.
hColor (Optional)
Type: SystemSingle
The same as h but for color components. For most images value equals 10 will be enought to remove colored noise and do not distort colors.
templateWindowSize (Optional)
Type: SystemInt32
Size in pixels of the template patch that is used to compute weights. Should be odd.
searchWindowSize (Optional)
Type: SystemInt32
Size in pixels of the window that is used to compute weighted average for given pixel. Should be odd. Affect performance linearly: greater searchWindowsSize - greater denoising time.
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