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DetectorParameters Structure
Parameters for the detectMarker process

Namespace: Emgu.CV.Aruco
Assembly: Emgu.CV.World (in Emgu.CV.World.dll) Version: (
public struct DetectorParameters

The DetectorParameters type exposes the following members.

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Public methodStatic memberGetDefault
Get the detector parameters with default values
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Public fieldAdaptiveThreshConstant
constant for adaptive thresholding before finding contours (default 7)
Public fieldAdaptiveThreshWinSizeMax
maximum window size for adaptive thresholding before finding contours (default 23).
Public fieldAdaptiveThreshWinSizeMin
minimum window size for adaptive thresholding before finding contours (default 3)
Public fieldAdaptiveThreshWinSizeStep
increments from adaptiveThreshWinSizeMin to adaptiveThreshWinSizeMax during the thresholding (default 10).
Public fieldCornerRefinementMaxIterations
maximum number of iterations for stop criteria of the corner refinement process (default 30).
Public fieldCornerRefinementMinAccuracy
minimum error for the stop cristeria of the corner refinement process (default: 0.1)
Public fieldCornerRefinementWinSize
window size for the corner refinement process (in pixels) (default 5).
Public fieldDoCornerRefinement
do subpixel refinement or not
Public fieldErrorCorrectionRate
error correction rate respect to the maximun error correction capability for each dictionary. (default 0.6).
Public fieldMarkerBorderBits
number of bits of the marker border, i.e. marker border width (default 1).
Public fieldMaxErroneousBitsInBorderRate
maximum number of accepted erroneous bits in the border (i.e. number of allowed white bits in the border). Represented as a rate respect to the total number of bits per marker (default 0.35).
Public fieldMaxMarkerPerimeterRate
determine maximum perimeter for marker contour to be detected. This is defined as a rate respect to the maximum dimension of the input image (default 4.0).
Public fieldMinCornerDistanceRate
minimum distance between corners for detected markers relative to its perimeter (default 0.05)
Public fieldMinDistanceToBorder
minimum distance of any corner to the image border for detected markers (in pixels) (default 3)
Public fieldMinMarkerDistanceRate
minimum mean distance beetween two marker corners to be considered similar, so that the smaller one is removed. The rate is relative to the smaller perimeter of the two markers (default 0.05).
Public fieldMinMarkerPerimeterRate
determine minimum perimeter for marker contour to be detected. This is defined as a rate respect to the maximum dimension of the input image (default 0.03).
Public fieldMinOtsuStdDev
minimun standard deviation in pixels values during the decodification step to apply Otsu thresholding (otherwise, all the bits are set to 0 or 1 depending on mean higher than 128 or not) (default 5.0)
Public fieldPerspectiveRemoveIgnoredMarginPerCell
width of the margin of pixels on each cell not considered for the determination of the cell bit. Represents the rate respect to the total size of the cell, i.e. perpectiveRemovePixelPerCell (default 0.13)
Public fieldPerspectiveRemovePixelPerCell
number of bits (per dimension) for each cell of the marker when removing the perspective (default 8).
Public fieldPolygonalApproxAccuracyRate
minimum accuracy during the polygonal approximation process to determine which contours are squares.
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