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CapProp Enumeration
CV Capture property identifier

Namespace: Emgu.CV.CvEnum
Assembly: Emgu.CV.World (in Emgu.CV.World.dll) Version: (
public enum CapProp
  Member nameValueDescription
DC1394Off-4 Turn the feature off (not controlled manually nor automatically)
DC1394ModeManual-3 Set automatically when a value of the feature is set by the user
DC1394ModeAuto-2 DC1394 mode auto
DC1394ModeOnePushAuto-1 DC1394 mode one push auto
PosMsec0 Film current position in milliseconds or video capture timestamp
PosFrames1 0-based index of the frame to be decoded/captured next
PosAviRatio2 Position in relative units (0 - start of the file, 1 - end of the file)
FrameWidth3 Width of frames in the video stream
FrameHeight4 Height of frames in the video stream
Fps5 Frame rate
FourCC6 4-character code of codec
FrameCount7 Number of frames in video file
Format8 Format
Mode9 Mode
Brightness10 Brightness
Contrast11 Contrast
Saturation12 Saturation
Hue13 Hue
Gain14 Gain
Exposure15 Exposure
ConvertRgb16 Convert RGB
WhiteBalanceBlueU17 White balance blue u
Rectification18 Rectification
Monochrome19 Monochrome
Sharpness20 Sharpness
AutoExposure21 Exposure control done by camera, user can adjust reference level using this feature
Gamma22 Gamma
Temperature23 Temperature
Trigger24 Trigger
TriggerDelay25 Trigger delay
WhiteBalanceRedV26 White balance red v
Zoom27 Zoom
Focus28 Focus
Guid29 GUID
IsoSpeed30 ISO SPEED
MaxDC139431 MAX DC1394
Backlight32 Backlight
Pan33 Pan
Tilt34 Tilt
Roll35 Roll
Iris36 Iris
Settings37 Settings
Buffersuze38 Buffer size
Autofocus39 Auto focus
SarNum40 Sar num
SarDen41 Sar den
Autograb1024 property for highgui class CvCapture_Android only
SupportedPreviewSizesString1025 readonly, tricky property, returns cpnst char* indeed
PreviewFormat1026 readonly, tricky property, returns cpnst char* indeed
OpenniDepthGenerator-2147483648 OpenNI depth generator
OpenniImageGenerator1073741824 OpenNI image generator
OpenniIRGenerator536870912 OpenNI IR generator
OpenniGeneratorsMask-536870912 OpenNI map generators
OpenniOutputMode100 Properties of cameras available through OpenNI interfaces
OpenniFrameMaxDepth101 Properties of cameras available through OpenNI interfaces, in mm.
OpenniBaseline102 Properties of cameras available through OpenNI interfaces, in mm.
OpenniFocalLength103 Properties of cameras available through OpenNI interfaces, in pixels.
OpenniRegistration104 Flag that synchronizes the remapping depth map to image map by changing depth generator's view point (if the flag is "on") or sets this view point to its normal one (if the flag is "off").
OpenniRegistrationOn104 Flag that synchronizes the remapping depth map to image map by changing depth generator's view point (if the flag is "on") or sets this view point to its normal one (if the flag is "off").
OpenniApproxFrameSync105 Approx frame sync
OpenniMaxBufferSize106 Max buffer size
OpenniCircleBuffer107 Circle buffer
OpenniMaxTimeDuration108 Max time duration
OpenniGeneratorPresent109 Generator present
Openni2Sync110 OpenNI2 Sync
Openni2Mirror111 OpenNI2 Mirror
OpenniImageGeneratorPresent1073741933 Openni image generator present
OpenniImageGeneratorOutputMode1073741924 Image generator output mode
OpenniDepthGeneratorPresent-2147483539 Depth generator present
OpenniDepthGeneratorBaseline-2147483546 Depth generator baseline, in mm.
OpenniDepthGeneratorFocalLength-2147483545 Depth generator focal length, in pixels.
OpenniDepthGeneratorRegistration-2147483544 Openni generator registration
OpenniDepthGeneratorRegistrationOn-2147483544 Openni generator registration on
OpenniIRGeneratorPresent536871021 Openni IR generator present
GstreamerQueueLength200 Properties of cameras available through GStreamer interface. Default is 1
PvapiMulticastip300 Ip for enable multicast master mode. 0 for disable multicast
PvapiFrameStartTriggerMode301 FrameStartTriggerMode: Determines how a frame is initiated
PvapiDecimationHorizontal302 Horizontal sub-sampling of the image
PvapiDecimationVertical303 Vertical sub-sampling of the image
PvapiBinningX304 Horizontal binning factor
PvapiBinningY305 Vertical binning factor
PvapiPixelFormat306 Pixel format
XiDownsampling400 Change image resolution by binning or skipping.
XiDataFormat401 Output data format
XiOffsetX402 Horizontal offset from the origin to the area of interest (in pixels).
XiOffsetY403 Vertical offset from the origin to the area of interest (in pixels).
XiTrgSource404 Defines source of trigger.
XiTrgSoftware405 Generates an internal trigger. PRM_TRG_SOURCE must be set to TRG_SOFTWARE.
XiGpiSelector406 Selects general purpose input
XiGpiMode407 Set general purpose input mode
XiGpiLevel408 Get general purpose level
XiGpoSelector409 Selects general purpose output
XiGpoMode410 Set general purpose output mode
XiLedSelector411 Selects camera signaling LED
XiLedMode412 Define camera signaling LED functionality
XiManualWb413 Calculates White Balance(must be called during acquisition)
XiAutoWb414 Automatic white balance
XiAeag415 Automatic exposure/gain
XiExpPriority416 Exposure priority (0.5 - exposure 50%, gain 50%).
XiAeMaxLimit417 Maximum limit of exposure in AEAG procedure
XiAgMaxLimit418 Maximum limit of gain in AEAG procedure
XiAeagLevel419 Average intensity of output signal AEAG should achieve(in %)
XiTimeout420 Image capture timeout in milliseconds
XiExposure421 Exposure time in microseconds
XiExposureBurstCount422 Sets the number of times of exposure in one frame.
XiGainSelector423 Gain selector for parameter Gain allows to select different type of gains.
XiGain424 Gain in dB
XiDownsamplingType426 Change image downsampling type.
XiBinningSelector427 Binning engine selector.
XiBinningVertical428 Vertical Binning - number of vertical photo-sensitive cells to combine together.
XiBinningHorizontal429 Horizontal Binning - number of horizontal photo-sensitive cells to combine together.
XiBinningPattern430 Binning pattern type.
XiDecimationSelector431 Decimation engine selector.
XiDecimationVertical432 Vertical Decimation - vertical sub-sampling of the image - reduces the vertical resolution of the image by the specified vertical decimation factor.
XiDecimationHorizontal433 Horizontal Decimation - horizontal sub-sampling of the image - reduces the horizontal resolution of the image by the specified vertical decimation factor.
XiDecimationPattern434 Decimation pattern type.
XiTestPatternGeneratorSelector587 Selects which test pattern generator is controlled by the TestPattern feature.
XiTestPattern588 Selects which test pattern type is generated by the selected generator.
XiImageDataFormat435 Output data format.
XiShutterType436 Change sensor shutter type(CMOS sensor).
XiSensorTaps437 Number of taps
XiAeagRoiOffsetX439 Automatic exposure/gain ROI offset X
XiAeagRoiOffsetY440 Automatic exposure/gain ROI offset Y
XiAeagRoiWidth441 Automatic exposure/gain ROI Width
XiAeagRoiHeight442 Automatic exposure/gain ROI Height
XiBpc445 Correction of bad pixels
XiWbKr448 White balance red coefficient
XiWbKg449 White balance green coefficient
XiWbKb450 White balance blue coefficient
XiWidth451 Width of the Image provided by the device (in pixels).
XiHeight452 Height of the Image provided by the device (in pixels).
XiRegionSelector589 Selects Region in Multiple ROI which parameters are set by width, height, ... ,region mode
XiRegionMode595 Activates/deactivates Region selected by Region Selector
XiLimitBandwidth459 Set/get bandwidth(datarate)(in Megabits)
XiSensorDataBitDepth460 Sensor output data bit depth.
XiOutputDataBitDepth461 Device output data bit depth.
XiImageDataBitDepth462 bitdepth of data returned by function xiGetImage
XiOutputDataPacking463 Device output data packing (or grouping) enabled. Packing could be enabled if output_data_bit_depth > 8 and packing capability is available.
XiOutputDataPackingType464 Data packing type. Some cameras supports only specific packing type.
XiIsCooled465 Returns 1 for cameras that support cooling.
XiCooling466 Start camera cooling.
XiTargetTemp467 Set sensor target temperature for cooling.
XiChipTemp468 Camera sensor temperature
XiHousTemp469 Camera housing temperature
XiHousBackSideTemp590 Camera housing back side temperature
XiSensorBoardTemp596 Camera sensor board temperature
XiCms470 Mode of color management system.
XiApplyCms471 Enable applying of CMS profiles to xiGetImage (see XI_PRM_INPUT_CMS_PROFILE, XI_PRM_OUTPUT_CMS_PROFILE).
XiImageIsColor474 Returns 1 for color cameras.
XiColorFilterArray475 Returns color filter array type of RAW data.
XiGammay476 Luminosity gamma
XiGammac477 Chromaticity gamma
XiSharpness478 Sharpness Strength
XiCcMatrix00479 Color Correction Matrix element [0][0]
XiCcMatrix01480 Color Correction Matrix element [0][1]
XiCcMatrix02481 Color Correction Matrix element [0][2]
XiCcMatrix03482 Color Correction Matrix element [0][3]
XiCcMatrix10483 Color Correction Matrix element [1][0]
XiCcMatrix11484 Color Correction Matrix element [1][1]
XiCcMatrix12485 Color Correction Matrix element [1][2]
XiCcMatrix13486 Color Correction Matrix element [1][3]
XiCcMatrix20487 Color Correction Matrix element [2][0]
XiCcMatrix21488 Color Correction Matrix element [2][1]
XiCcMatrix22489 Color Correction Matrix element [2][2]
XiCcMatrix23490 Color Correction Matrix element [2][3]
XiCcMatrix30491 Color Correction Matrix element [3][0]
XiCcMatrix31492 Color Correction Matrix element [3][1]
XiCcMatrix32493 Color Correction Matrix element [3][2]
XiCcMatrix33494 Color Correction Matrix element [3][3]
XiDefaultCcMatrix495 Set default Color Correction Matrix
XiTrgSelector498 Selects the type of trigger.
XiAcqFrameBurstCount499 Sets number of frames acquired by burst. This burst is used only if trigger is set to FrameBurstStart
XiDebounceEn507 Enable/Disable debounce to selected GPI
XiDebounceT0508 Debounce time (x * 10us)
XiDebounceT1509 Debounce time (x * 10us)
XiDebouncePol510 Debounce polarity (pol = 1 t0 - falling edge, t1 - rising edge)
XiLensMode511 Status of lens control interface. This shall be set to XI_ON before any Lens operations.
XiLensApertureValue512 Current lens aperture value in stops. Examples: 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11
XiLensFocusMovementValue513 Lens current focus movement value to be used by XI_PRM_LENS_FOCUS_MOVE in motor steps.
XiLensFocusMove514 Moves lens focus motor by steps set in XI_PRM_LENS_FOCUS_MOVEMENT_VALUE.
XiLensFocusDistance515 Lens focus distance in cm.
XiLensFocalLength516 Lens focal distance in mm.
XiLensFeatureSelector517 Selects the current feature which is accessible by XI_PRM_LENS_FEATURE.
XiLensFeature518 Allows access to lens feature value currently selected by XI_PRM_LENS_FEATURE_SELECTOR.
XiDeviceModelId521 Return device model id
XiDeviceSn522 Return device serial number
XiImageDataFormatRgb32Alpha529 The alpha channel of RGB32 output image format.
XiImagePayloadSize530 Buffer size in bytes sufficient for output image returned by xiGetImage
XiTransportPixelFormat531 Current format of pixels on transport layer.
XiSensorClockFreqHz532 Sensor clock frequency in Hz.
XiSensorClockFreqIndex533 Sensor clock frequency index. Sensor with selected frequencies have possibility to set the frequency only by this index.
XiSensorOutputChannelCount534 Number of output channels from sensor used for data transfer.
XiFramerate535 Define framerate in Hz
XiCounterSelector536 Select counter
XiCounterValue537 Counter status
XiAcqTimingMode538 Type of sensor frames timing.
XiAvailableBandwidth539 Calculate and return available interface bandwidth(int Megabits)
XiBufferPolicy540 Data move policy
XiLutEn541 Activates LUT.
XiLutIndex542 Control the index (offset) of the coefficient to access in the LUT.
XiLutValue543 Value at entry LUTIndex of the LUT
XiTrgDelay544 Specifies the delay in microseconds (us) to apply after the trigger reception before activating it.
XiTsRstMode545 Defines how time stamp reset engine will be armed
XiTsRstSource546 Defines which source will be used for timestamp reset. Writing this parameter will trigger settings of engine (arming)
XiIsDeviceExist547 Returns 1 if camera connected and works properly.
XiAcqBufferSize548 Acquisition buffer size in buffer_size_unit. Default bytes.
XiAcqBufferSizeUnit549 Acquisition buffer size unit in bytes. Default 1. E.g. Value 1024 means that buffer_size is in KiBytes
XiAcqTransportBufferSize550 Acquisition transport buffer size in bytes
XiBuffersQueueSize551 Queue of field/frame buffers
XiAcqTransportBufferCommit552 Number of buffers to commit to low level
XiRecentFrame553 GetImage returns most recent frame
XiDeviceReset554 Resets the camera to default state.
XiColumnFpnCorrection555 Correction of column FPN
XiRowFpnCorrection591 Correction of row FPN
XiSensorMode558 Current sensor mode. Allows to select sensor mode by one integer. Setting of this parameter affects: image dimensions and downsampling.
XiHdr559 Enable High Dynamic Range feature.
XiHdrKneepointCount560 The number of kneepoints in the PWLR.
XiHdrT1561 position of first kneepoint(in % of XI_PRM_EXPOSURE)
XiHdrT2562 position of second kneepoint (in % of XI_PRM_EXPOSURE)
XiKneepoint1563 value of first kneepoint (% of sensor saturation)
XiKneepoint2564 value of second kneepoint (% of sensor saturation)
XiImageBlackLevel565 Last image black level counts. Can be used for Offline processing to recall it.
XiHwRevision571 Returns hardware revision number.
XiDebugLevel572 Set debug level
XiAutoBandwidthCalculation573 Automatic bandwidth calculation,
XiFfsFileId594 File number.
XiFfsFileSize580 Size of file.
XiFreeFfsSize581 Size of free camera FFS.
XiUsedFfsSize582 Size of used camera FFS.
XiFfsAccessKey583 Setting of key enables file operations on some cameras.
XiSensorFeatureSelector585 Selects the current feature which is accessible by XI_PRM_SENSOR_FEATURE_VALUE.
XiSensorFeatureValue586 Allows access to sensor feature value currently selected by XI_PRM_SENSOR_FEATURE_SELECTOR.
AndroidFlashMode8001 Android flash mode
AndroidFocusMode8002 Android focus mode
AndroidWhiteBalance8003 Android white balance
AndroidAntibanding8004 Android anti banding
AndroidFocalLength8005 Android focal length
AndroidFocusDistanceNear8006 Android focus distance near
AndroidFocusDistanceOptimal8007 Android focus distance optimal
AndroidFocusDistanceFar8008 Android focus distance far
AndroidExposeLock8009 Android expose lock
AndroidWhitebalanceLock8010 Android white balance lock
IOSDeviceFocus9001 iOS device focus
IOSDeviceExposure9002 iOS device exposure
IOSDeviceFlash9003 iOS device flash
IOSDeviceWhitebalance9004 iOS device white-balance
IOSDeviceTorch9005 iOS device torch
GigaFrameOffsetX10001 Smartek Giganetix Ethernet Vision: frame offset X
GigaFrameOffsetY10002 Smartek Giganetix Ethernet Vision: frame offset Y
GigaFrameWidthMax10003 Smartek Giganetix Ethernet Vision: frame width max
GigaFrameHeighMax10004 Smartek Giganetix Ethernet Vision: frame height max
GigaFrameSensWidth10005 Smartek Giganetix Ethernet Vision: frame sens width
GigaFrameSensHeigh10006 Smartek Giganetix Ethernet Vision: frame sens height
IntelpercProfileCount11001 Intelperc Profile Count
IntelpercProfileIdx11002 Intelperc Profile Idx
IntelpercDepthLowConfidenceValue11003 Intelperc Depth Low Confidence Value
IntelpercDepthSaturationValue11004 Intelperc Depth Saturation Value
IntelpercDepthConfidenceThreshold11005 Intelperc Depth Confidence Threshold
IntelpercDepthFocalLengthHorz11006 Intelperc Depth Focal Length Horz
IntelpercDepthFocalLengthVert11007 Intelperc Depth Focal Length Vert
IntelpercDepthGenerator536870912 Intelperc Depth Generator
IntelpercImageGenerator268435456 Intelperc Image Generator
IntelpercGeneratorsMask805306368 Intelperc Generators Mask
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