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CvInvokeLUT Method
Fills the destination array with values from the look-up table. Indices of the entries are taken from the source array. That is, the function processes each element of src as following: dst(I)=lut[src(I)+DELTA] where DELTA=0 if src has depth CV_8U, and DELTA=128 if src has depth CV_8S

Namespace: Emgu.CV
Assembly: Emgu.CV.World (in Emgu.CV.World.dll) Version: (
public static void LUT(
	IInputArray src,
	IInputArray lut,
	IOutputArray dst


Type: Emgu.CVIInputArray
Source array of 8-bit elements
Type: Emgu.CVIInputArray
Look-up table of 256 elements; should have the same depth as the destination array. In case of multi-channel source and destination arrays, the table should either have a single-channel (in this case the same table is used for all channels), or the same number of channels as the source/destination array
Type: Emgu.CVIOutputArray
Destination array of arbitrary depth and of the same number of channels as the source array
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