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CvInvokeBilateralFilter Method
Applies the bilateral filter to an image.

Namespace: Emgu.CV
Assembly: Emgu.CV.World (in Emgu.CV.World.dll) Version: (
public static void BilateralFilter(
	IInputArray src,
	IOutputArray dst,
	int d,
	double sigmaColor,
	double sigmaSpace,
	BorderType borderType = BorderType.Reflect101


Type: Emgu.CVIInputArray
Source 8-bit or floating-point, 1-channel or 3-channel image.
Type: Emgu.CVIOutputArray
Destination image of the same size and type as src .
Type: SystemInt32
Diameter of each pixel neighborhood that is used during filtering. If it is non-positive, it is computed from sigmaSpace .
Type: SystemDouble
Filter sigma in the color space. A larger value of the parameter means that farther colors within the pixel neighborhood (see sigmaSpace ) will be mixed together, resulting in larger areas of semi-equal color.
Type: SystemDouble
Filter sigma in the coordinate space. A larger value of the parameter means that farther pixels will influence each other as long as their colors are close enough (see sigmaColor ). When d>0 , it specifies the neighborhood size regardless of sigmaSpace. Otherwise, d is proportional to sigmaSpace.
borderType (Optional)
Type: Emgu.CV.CvEnumBorderType
Border mode used to extrapolate pixels outside of the image.
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