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MIplImage Structure
Managed structure equivalent to IplImage

Namespace: Emgu.CV.Structure
Assembly: Emgu.CV.World (in Emgu.CV.World.dll) Version: (
public struct MIplImage

The MIplImage type exposes the following members.

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Public fieldAlign
Alignment of image rows (4 or 8). OpenCV ignores it and uses widthStep instead
Public fieldAlphaChannel
ignored by OpenCV
Public fieldBorderConst0
border const, ignored by OpenCV
Public fieldBorderConst1
border const, ignored by OpenCV
Public fieldBorderConst2
border const, ignored by OpenCV
Public fieldBorderConst3
border const, ignored by OpenCV
Public fieldBorderMode0
border completion mode, ignored by OpenCV
Public fieldBorderMode1
border completion mode, ignored by OpenCV
Public fieldBorderMode2
border completion mode, ignored by OpenCV
Public fieldBorderMode3
border completion mode, ignored by OpenCV
Public fieldChannelSeq0
ignored by OpenCV
Public fieldChannelSeq1
ignored by OpenCV
Public fieldChannelSeq2
ignored by OpenCV
Public fieldChannelSeq3
ignored by OpenCV
Public fieldColorModel0
ignored by OpenCV
Public fieldColorModel1
ignored by OpenCV
Public fieldColorModel2
ignored by OpenCV
Public fieldColorModel3
ignored by OpenCV
Public fieldDataOrder
0 - interleaved color channels, 1 - separate color channels. cvCreateImage can only create interleaved images
Public fieldDepth
pixel depth in bits: IPL_DEPTH_8U, IPL_DEPTH_8S, IPL_DEPTH_16U, IPL_DEPTH_16S, IPL_DEPTH_32S, IPL_DEPTH_32F and IPL_DEPTH_64F are supported
Public fieldHeight
image height in pixels
Public fieldID
version (=0)
Public fieldImageData
pointer to aligned image data
Public fieldImageDataOrigin
pointer to a very origin of image data (not necessarily aligned) - it is needed for correct image deallocation
Public fieldImageId
Public fieldImageSize
image data size in bytes (=image->height*image->widthStep in case of interleaved data)
Public fieldMaskROI
must be NULL in OpenCV
Public fieldNChannels
Most of OpenCV functions support 1,2,3 or 4 channels
Public fieldNSize
Public fieldOrigin
0 - top-left origin, 1 - bottom-left origin (Windows bitmaps style)
Public fieldRoi
image ROI. when it is not NULL, this specifies image region to process
Public fieldTileInfo
Public fieldWidth
image width in pixels
Public fieldWidthStep
size of aligned image row in bytes
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