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CvInvokePointPolygonTest Method
Determines whether the point is inside contour, outside, or lies on an edge (or coinsides with a vertex). It returns positive, negative or zero value, correspondingly

Namespace: Emgu.CV
Assembly: Emgu.CV.World (in Emgu.CV.World.dll) Version: (
public static double PointPolygonTest(
	IInputArray contour,
	PointF pt,
	bool measureDist


Type: Emgu.CVIInputArray
Input contour
Type: System.DrawingPointF
The point tested against the contour
Type: SystemBoolean
If != 0, the function estimates distance from the point to the nearest contour edge

Return Value

Type: Double
When measureDist = false, the return value is >0 (inside), <0 (outside) and =0 (on edge), respectively. When measureDist != true, it is a signed distance between the point and the nearest contour edge
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