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Emgu.CV.Saliency Namespace

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Public classBinWangApr2014Saliency
the Fast Self-tuning Background Subtraction Algorithm
Public classFineGrainedSaliency
This method calculates saliency based on center-surround differences
Public classMotionSaliency
detect salient objects over time (hence also over frame)
Public classObjectness
reflects how likely an image window covers an object of any category
Public classObjectnessBing
Objectness algorithms based on [3] [3] Cheng, Ming-Ming, et al. "BING: Binarized normed gradients for objectness estimation at 300fps." IEEE CVPR. 2014
Public classSaliency
Base abstract class for Saliency algorithms:
Public classSaliencyInvoke
Provide interfaces to the Open CV Saliency functions
Public classSpectralResidualSaliency
simulate the behavior of pre-attentive visual search
Public classStaticSaliency
detect salient objects in a non dynamic scenarios.