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CvInvoke Properties

The CvInvoke type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberBackends
Returns list of all builtin backends
Public propertyStatic memberBuildInformation
Returns full configuration time cmake output. Returned value is raw cmake output including version control system revision, compiler version, compiler flags, enabled modules and third party libraries, etc.Output format depends on target architecture.
Public propertyStatic memberCameraBackends
Returns list of available backends which works via cv::VideoCapture(int index)
Public propertyStatic memberHaveOpenCL
Check if we have OpenCL
Public propertyStatic memberHaveOpenCLCompatibleGpuDevice
Gets a value indicating whether this device have open CL compatible gpu device.
Public propertyStatic memberNumberOfCPUs
Returns the number of logical CPUs available for the process.
Public propertyStatic memberNumThreads
Get or set the number of threads that are used by parallelized OpenCV functions
Public propertyStatic memberStreamBackends
Returns list of available backends which works via cv::VideoCapture(filename)
Public propertyStatic memberThreadNum
Returns the index, from 0 to cvGetNumThreads()-1, of the thread that called the function. It is a wrapper for the function omp_get_thread_num() from OpenMP runtime. The retrieved index may be used to access local-thread data inside the parallelized code fragments.
Public propertyStatic memberUseOpenCL
Get or set if OpenCL should be used
Public propertyStatic memberUseOptimized
Enables or disables the optimized code.
Public propertyStatic memberWriterBackends
Returns list of available backends which works via cv::VideoWriter()
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