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AlgorithmExtensions Methods

The AlgorithmExtensions type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberClear
Clear the algorithm
Public methodStatic memberGetDefaultName
Returns the algorithm string identifier. This string is used as top level xml/yml node tag when the object is saved to a file or string.
Public methodStatic memberIsEmpty
Returns true if the Algorithm is empty. e.g. in the very beginning or after unsuccessful read.
Public methodStatic memberLoad
Loads algorithm from the file
Public methodStatic memberLoadFromString
Loads algorithm from a String
Public methodStatic memberRead
Reads algorithm parameters from a file storage.
Public methodStatic memberSave
Save the algorithm to file
Public methodStatic memberSaveToString
Save the algorithm to a string
Public methodStatic memberWrite(IAlgorithm, FileStorage)
Stores algorithm parameters in a file storage
Public methodStatic memberWrite(IAlgorithm, FileStorage, String)
Stores algorithm parameters in a file storage
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